Monday, 4 May 2015

Registration process

Registration wil open on 5th August and is obligatory for all pilots wanting to fly-in to Blois this year.
You need to go to the french website and click on the right-hand box
"Vous êtes pilote visiteur arrivant en vol".

On the next page click the first box if you are arriving by Group-A airplane, the second box for microlights (not paramotor) or the third box for Paramotors.

If you already have a login from last year, it should still be valid. Otherwise you'll need to create a new profile and password. You will need your licence number and insurance details to register. The form for registration with translations is shown below. Click the image so see a larger version:

Note that you cannot enter the same information in the fields "Immatriculation" and "Identification Radio" as in the french microlight system they are different formats.
What you need to do, is to enter 99 followed by your last three letters or digits in the first field, and change the format of the radio callsign to X-XXXX so the server will accept the information. E.g. Registration 99BCD, Radio G-ABCD.

If your insurance company does not exist in the list, click "Nouvelle compagnie" and enter the name of your insurer.

Once you've finished that, you can save your profile and reserve an arrival time.
The days are split into (mostly) 30 minute blocks with 30 slots available in each block.

The reservation form is accessed by clicking the button on the left of your profile page.

This will open the form shown below:

When you have filled out the reservation form, you will be emailed a confirmation.
You MUST print the attachment and bring it with you, along with your proof of insurance.

If anything else gives you difficulty, please leave a comment here and I'll try to help.


  1. Hello, Is there any registration for visitors?

  2. You only need to register if arriving by air.

  3. Registration on the new site in 2019 is not working for me - 500 Internal Server Error when clicking "Add New" in "Your Request"