Monday, 4 May 2015

General Information

Arrival by road
Due to restrictions applied by the local council, it is not possible to use the normal airfield entrance, the vehicle entrance will be clearly signposted via the village of Le Breuil.

All microlights and GA aircraft flying in to the festival MUST be pre-registered.
Regsitration is possible from late July onwards on the french website and is free of charge

All microlights at the festival MUST carry public liability insurance whether arriving by air or by road. Proof of insurance must be provided to the organisers. Anyone unable to provide such proof will be required to purchase temporary cover at a cost of 25 Euros.

The radio frequencies in use during the festival will be:
GA aircraft & helicopters 118.450 MHz
Microlights, flex-wings 130.200 MHz
Festival Auto Information (ATIS) 127.350 MHz

Traffic management
The area to the North-East of the aerodrome and the tarmac runway 12/30 will be for the exclusive use of GA aircraft and helicopters, which MUST be pre-registered. The area to the South-West and the grass runways 12/30 will be for the exclusive use of microlights and paramotors, which MUST also be pre-registered. The grass runways will be split into arrival and departure sections and the centre point will be manned by the Flight Director or one of his officials.

Saturday morning arrivals
For microlights, the period between 08:00 and 14:00 on Saturday 1st September is reserved for experienced pilots with radio installed and operational. During this period the procedures for approach and traffic separation must be followed exactly, correct spacing maintained, visual contact assured and all radio communication must be EXCLUSIVELY IN FRENCH.

The flight programme for all three days can be downloaded here when it's available: Programme_2015.pdf

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